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Hypnotherapy Leicester

Hypnotherapy Leicester

Hypnotherapy Leicester can provide you with beautifully calming and relaxing hypnosis, designed to improve many areas of your life.  Hypnosis is a natural state that has been successfully used for hundreds of years.  It can influence many subconscious areas of our lives and can help us find the changes that we need.


Hypnotherapy can help reduce anxiety by activating the part of the brain that we use when we dream at night.  This is particularly useful to us, because during that REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycle, our brains are processing emotional memories and experiences.  When it does this, we can start to gain control, calm down and become more logical in our reasoning.  We move from the anxious part of the brain and can reinforce and improve our inner strengths and qualities that will help us make the changes we need.

Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapy can help people to stop smoking.  In my experience, hypnosis is the number 1 method to help people stop.  When we use hypnotherapy to stop smoking, many people find they have very few cravings, if any at all.  It makes the whole process easy and practically effortless.  What’s more, it’s 100%  natural, has no side effects and it’s immediate.  No weaning off the deadly toxins with patches, gum or vape.  Nobody who has ever quit wishes they had smoked longer.  

Stop damaging your body and make that call today, for a healthy, long-lived future where you can enjoy getting the control back in your life.  No more standing outside in the rain or missing conversations indoors because, unlike in the past, most people now are non-smokers.  

Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy can help you to keep motivated whilst you are following your weight loss programme.  Most people who want to lose weight know exactly how to do it.  Eat less, move more.  The problem lies in the fact that although we know what we should do, it’s difficult to keep motivated and positive.  To win at weight loss it’s important to keep our goals in site, because healthy weight loss is not about quick results, but is about sustained effort and motivation.  Hypnosis can help weight loss by giving us the resources and tools we need to keep on track.


When we struggle to sleep there is no doubt that it affects the quality of our days.  We can feel lethargic, lacking energy and motivation.  Our minds can feel foggy and we can’t seem to concentrate on anything.  Even our memories suffer when we don’t sleep well.  We spend around one third of our life sleeping and it is vital to our health and well-being.  Hypnotherapy can help insomnia sufferers to re-learn how to relax, feel calm and rested.  


When you think about it, confidence is the one elusive quality that makes all the difference in so many areas of our lives.  It can help improve relationships, get us the job opportunities that we want, help us get promotions and receive positive attention in all areas of our lives.

The difference between having confidence and not having confidence can be amazing.  If you remember any time in the past when you wish you had had the courage and confidence to do something, but “chickened out”, this will really resonate with you.

Hypnotherapy can help us to modify and adapt so that confidence feels far more natural.  Using various techniques we can strengthen that sense of self-esteem and self-worth so that we can become the person we were destined to be.

Large lion being approached by two little girls. Red sunset. Used on therapy website, Trance for a Change Hypnotherapy to show courage.

And the benefits of hypnosis don’t stop there.  Anything that is under the influence of our subconscious minds (which is almost everything, let’s be honest) can be helped through the power of hypnosis.

We are the sum of our thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions.  When we start to work on ourselves, the inner landscape changes and we can adapt and mould ourselves into the very best version of who we want to be – and who we really can be.

Hypotherapy in Leicestershire

Vicky Tunaley HPD DSFH BWRT (Adv)

My name is Vicky Tunaley and I have been helping people through hypnosis and BWRT for many years.  

When you make an appointment with me, you will find me to be easy  to talk to, non-judgemental and concerned with giving you the best service I can.