When you are looking for a therapist, it’s important that you can feel confident in the service that you want. Please see some of the things my past clients have kindly said about me and the service they received. 


"Thank you Vicky for helping me to shift the long term pain I’d been experiencing in my shoulder and arm. I had one session and the pain lessened considerably straight the way and then more and more over the three days since, until I can hardly feel it now. I know it’s fully leaving as the session set it so that my subconscious continues to work on it every night. It’s not woken me up with pain since. A steroid injection didn’t achieve this or several visits to my osteopath. Vicky is warm and welcoming and very knowledgeable and experienced. I felt very comfortable and safe during the session. I absolutely recommend Vicky if you’ve got old pain that is troubling you or for any other of the wonderful services that she offers. Thank you so much."


"I have just completed my second session of BWRT, I have to say its changed my life 😊. I had not been in a lift for at least 32 years and never been alone in my life. After one session i have managed to go in a lift with other people numerous times, and even been alone.

Vicky is so lovely and made me feel comfortable . Honestly can't thank you Vcky your amazing.."


"Highly recommend Trance for a Change hypnotherapy! Vicky was friendly and professional, immediately made me feel relaxed and at ease with the process. Also great value considering the length of the session and how effective it was. I will definitely go back to Vicky if I want hypnotherapy in the future, and recommend her services to anyone who's looking for a reputable, experienced and friendly hypnotherapist."


"I went to vicky over a month ago, as a heavy smoker (20 a day) and I havent touched a cigarette since. I was sceptical about it and honestly cannot believe how well it has worked. I haven't even really had any cravings. it was worth every penny."


"Wow, what an experience. I had no idea what to expect before I went to see Vicky and had images of performing hypnotist making people do unnatural things to entertain other people. How wrong I was. I had had anxiety issues for more than 30 years and thought I would never beat them but Vicky is such a lovely lady with a naturally calming manner she put me at ease straight away and explained how the process would work. The process was fantastic and so enjoyable, and the results are amazing I don't think I have ever been so relaxed in my life, I can whole heartedly recommend it. Thanks Vicky for giving me the opportunity to move forward with a whole new outlook on life."


"A very enjoyable eye opening experience. Vicky is very professional and the session has made me see a few things differently. Well worth a visit."


"Vicky is a gentle and caring soul who puts her all into your welfare and treatments. She has a wealth of experience and truly believes in the power of the mind and hypnotherapy. I benefitted massively from sessions with her following struggles with anxiety and nerves which were stopping me in achieving my goals. Id recommend to anyone contacting Vicky for a no obligation consultation."


"I have had several sessions with Vicky over the past few months and cannot thank her enough for the support and guidance she has given me. Trance for a change hypnotherapy has really helped with my confidence barriers and has provided me with tools to use as I carry on my journey. Vicky is a wonderful, supportive and kind therapist and I highly recommend trance for a change to anyone looking for guidance and change. I know I can always go back to see vicky if I need to in the future and she will support me 🙂 I can not recommended trance for a change enough, Thankyou Vicky x"


"Lovely lady with excellent people skills, good at explaining things and puts you at ease , I have recommended Vicky to some friends and they too have been very pleased with the results. if you are considering this kind of help, don't think twice , it really could change your life"


"I need to say a massive thank you to Vicky. I passed my driving test 4 years ago and hardly ever drove my car. I was such a nervous driver I would make any excuse not to drive. After having therapy with Vicky for a few other issues my final hurdle was driving. About 2 months ago I had a BWRT session with Vicky which has now changed my life completely and I have been driving nearly every day since. Vicky, I can’t thank you enough for all the help and working with me through my many, many issues... there have been a few. I strongly recommend hypnotherapy and BWRT for pretty much any issues you have!"


"After my session I felt rejuvenated & full of life. Vicky made me feel at ease and I found the whole experience wonderful."


"Vicky is a lovely lady who really puts me at ease. She explains how the brain works with hypnotherapy which makes it easier for me to relate to the process. Having said that, I haven't a clue what it is she's actually doing as I'm in such a comfortable, relaxed state I can only really remember waking up (or coming to, as I'm not actually asleep). All I know is that I float out of her treatment room and that I'm feeling better after only a few visits. Thank you so much Vicky. See you soon."


"This wonderful professional hypnotherapist really does change lives. I had been a smoker for over 35 years. Had tried stopping for most of that time. One session and I consider myself a non smoker. I found the session completely relaxing and found Vicky to be so lovely and inviting. You feel comfortable with her the moment you meet her. Thank you Vicky for giving me back control xx."


"Vicky was brilliant, she helped me with an very deep seated issue I'd had for ages which caused PTSD. I would so recommend her."


"I saw Vicky a few weeks ago for help with stopping smoking and she is such a welcoming and professional person who knows how to sprinkle her magic 4 weeks smoke free 😃🤗 thank you so much x."


"Vicky helped my 15yr old Daughter with her anxiety and panic attacks over school and GCSE Exams, she had one session of BWRT with Vicky and her anxiety levels dropped dramatically. Vicky is lovely and friendly she put my daughter at ease immediately and explained everything she was going to do. I cannot believe the difference in my daughter now since her session. I would highly recommend her to anyone suffering from anxiety issues. Thank you so much Vicky."


"Vicky was brilliant. She really makes you feel comfortable and explains clearly what will happen. I've been a smoker for 25 years and I've made several attempts to quit, but the last 10 days since our session have definitely been the easiest."


"After suffering with anxiety following a number of health issues, I contacted Vicky at Tranceforachange. Having spent many weeks of attending counselling sessions without any signs of my condition improving, Vicky suggested that I try hypnotherapy. After 2 sessions I noticed significant improvement, my anxiety symptoms were reduced, I felt more confident at work and had a more positive outlook on life. Continuing with further sessions I now feel my life is back to normal. Vicky is such a lovely person and I cannot thank her enough for helping me through this most difficult time in my life."


"Vicky put me at ease and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire session. Great experience and would happily recommend."


"Fantastic life changing therapy with a caring and understanding lady! Vicky has helped me so much in many areas of my life using Hypnotherapy and Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT). She has done an amazing job helping me overcome anxiety amongst other things. She can work wonders with a wide variety of problems. I strongly recommend her. I can’t thank you enough Vicky!"


"I contacted and saw Vicky at the end of February for the hypnosis for quitting smoking after two friends of mine had been and not only had successfull results but spoke highly of her and the whole experience. Two months down the line I am smoke free and have Vicky to thank for helping me with that so can only echo my friends comments. I found Vicky very easy to talk to and also kind natured so that made me feel at ease, relaxed and totally comfortable at all times so would recommend getting in contact with her."


"Vicky was really excellent, friendly and professional she put me at ease and I found the surroundings and methods she used very comforting and helpful. A really positive experience and I would recommend her to anyone seeking hypnotherapy"


"Vicky is wonderful! I’ve just had the most beautiful reiki treatment with her and feel brilliant. I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking of having reiki or hypnotherapy"


"Before my session of BWRT with Vicky I was consumed by jealousy and range. It really prevented me from enjoying myself at all in the best years of my life with the people I loved the most. But after just one session of BWRT with Vicky I can finally be myself again! Such a fast acting and effective therapy, I would strongly recommend this to anyone in the Leicestershire area Vicky is a brilliant therapist and made me feel comfortable to share everything I needed too instantly ! :)"


"Vicky has really helped me over the last couple of months with my anxieties, hypnotherapy has given me a whole new lease of life. Fully recommend this wonderful lady to anyone who struggles with things like anxiety!! Thank you so much Vicky 🙂"


"Vicky demonstrated some great expertise when using hypnotherapy and successfully made me feel at ease at all sessions. Since attending I am now able to confront situations which I previously found extremely difficult. Therefore I would highly recommend using Trance for a Change Hypnotherapy."


"I had some fear of flying hypnotherapy with Vicky last year which I felt was helpful. With this in mind I visited again recently to undertake a quit smoking hypnotherapy session. Vicky is a lovely, kind lady and makes you feel so at ease. I haven’t had a cigarette since my appointment and even more surprising is that it hasn’t felt like an effort at all. Don’t hesitate to give it a go if like me you have wanted to quit for a long time."


"I have just had my first past life regression and I have been blown away at what has come out from it! I was recommended to see Vicky , I had always wanted to do PLR but never felt it was the right time or felt drawn enough to do it. Vicky changed all that for me, I knew the time was right and I couldn’t have felt more safe & secure in her hands! I managed to recall 2 previous lives without much difficulty, I struggled with the thought that I wouldn’t be able to relax enough! I was so wrong, the patience and understanding from Vicky was all I needed to delve into the unknown! I feel I have learned so much from this experience and highly recommend anyone with anxiety issues related who may just want answers in this life to see Vicky and allow her to help you through your difficulties. X"


"Absolutely amazing! Vicky has changed my life massively in such a short space of time! I had really bad issues with anxiety and food addictions and I was so stressed and anxious I was unable to function normally on a day to day basis. My whole life and my loved ones would suffer. I have achieved so much since I first saw Vicky and I’m very excited to see how much more I can achieve with her help. I finally look forward to the future without worrying and I have rediscovered my inner strength. My smiles are actually genuine these days and I can live for the moment and not have to hide behind a mask. I’m really thankful and grateful to have met someone who puts their total heart and soul into helping people with their gifts. I highly recommend Vicky if you want to turn your whole life around in a short space of time!"


"Wow what can I say I have been struggling with anxiety and depression. At my lower point I was recommended by someone else about Vicky I was skeptical but I had nothing to lose. I'm so happy I chose to go vicky has been amazing she has listened to me in depth and worked out the exact programme. I can't explain how happy I feel anexity free I am aware it may return but I feel strong to deal with it now I feel like I'm the one in control. I can't thank vicky enough she is truly amazing at her job she is a beautiful soul. Thank you Vicky"


"Vicky has turned my life around. Days after my first session I was sleeping well. After a few sessions I was able to manage my anxiety and stress without resorting to coping mechanisms such as eating a whole pack of biscuits. Every aspect of my life has improved and I feel like myself again."


"I visited Vicky on Wednesday 2nd of August 2017 for a session of BWRT. The day my life changed and I will never forget it. I had been experiencing and altered mood and had become very low and isolated. Having tried other routes I was lucky enough, finally to find Vicky. I left her home therapy room with a smile on my face ... I am like the Cheshire Cat. My hubby is overwhelmed by the change in me. My anxiety has left and I am calmer and concentrated. Amazing. I would highly recommend Vicky who is a lovely lady, with a fabulous comfy chair and extraordinary talent. Thank you for helping my Vicky, I will be telling everyone about you and Trance for a Change."


"I had a session of BWRT with Trance For a Change because I was suffering from anxiety. It is so fast, I had my first day in months where my hands have not been shaking, the anxiety is gone, overnight! Fantastic I would definitely recommend Trance for a Change and BWRT."


"Viki helped me with stop smoking i was addict to niccorette quick mints .I can recommend her to anybody who want stop smoking or have addiction to niccotine..."


"Absolutely amazing! I'm still not sure how Vicky did it but however she did it worked. Only had the one session and I feel awesome. I wish I'd plucked up the courage to go sooner. If you're contemplating going just do it cause you won't regret it. Thankyou so so much. Xxx"


"Vicky is a truly amazing lady who has been there for me over the last few weeks. We have never met but have chatted on the phone many times. She has been very supportive and caring. I've also found her insomnia hypnosis on you tube very helpful. In fact I bought the mp3 download. I would highly recommend Vicky and thank you for being there for me xx"


"Just wanted to take the time to say thank you to Vicky and give her the recognition she deserves. Before therapy, all I ate was chicken nuggets and beans on a daily basis for 8 years but thanks to her amazing therapy sessions, I now eat a new meal everyday and loving it. I feel so much more confident now and being able to go out for a meal with friends and family and not having to worry about where to go is great! Best decision I've ever made and I would recommend to everyone to give it a try!"


"A lovely relaxed and help full experience. Thank you for all you help Vicky."


"5 stars"

All reviews are taken from Google and my Facebook page and can be easily verified.

If you would like to see how I can help you, please get in touch.