Negative Thinking

If you are fed up with feeling negative all the time, then it’s time to change.

The Negative View

Imagine this – two employees getting made redundant on the same day. The first employee, we shall name Brian. He is very upset. He goes home and tells his family who try to be supportive of him, but he isn’t really listening. Brian feels ashamed and doesn’t want to have to explain his situation to other people so starts spending more and more time in the house. He starts drinking in the daytime to numb the feelings he is experiencing and this creates arguments and tension with his wife. All his thoughts revolve around the wasted years in his old job and now he feels as if he’s been put on the scrap heap. Brian is angry with his old employers too – he gave them the best years of his life. Slowly the flits away all of his redundancy package and debts start to mount up because he hasn’t looked for any other work. His wife is now threatening to throw him out…. he isn’t taking care of himself or his appearance, spending half the morning in bed and sometimes not even getting dressed. Brian can’t see any future in his life at all.

The Positive View

The other employee was Trevor. He had been at the firm a very long time and feels really pleased that he got a nice redundancy payout. This will set him up in a new venture because his hobby has always been woodwork and he would love to be able to spend more time crafting beautiful wooden items of furniture. He stays in touch with his old colleagues and they admire his talent. A local journalist does a feature piece on him in the local paper and he is asked to exhibit some of his items at a summer craft fair. Soon he has a waiting list for orders and he starts to make a healthy profit doing what he loves best in the world. Every day he wakes up early in the morning, makes his wife a cup of tea in bed and whistles as he walks down to his workshop in the garden. The birds are singing and everything feels good.

The Difference

The only difference between Brian and Trevor is the way they handle the change in their lives. In your own life you will see instances where you have the choice – to either think positively about a situation or look for all the negative things.

Positive thinking is perhaps one of the most important things we can do. It improves our health, our immune systems, keep us looking and feeling younger and actually it is proven that people who are positive are actually more lucky.

They notice opportunities and grasp everything life has to offer, not dwelling on the little upsets or even great tragedies of life, but being resilient and taking everything in their stride.

Therapy can work by changing the way we think about ourselves and the world around us.

When we recognise that our thoughts and feelings are linked together, and that these modify our reactions and behaviours, we can learn how to create the changes we want.

Smiley face balls, with one sad faced ball
Lots of unhappy faced balls and one happy face ball

The way you see the world is the most important thing that affects your life today.

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