Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Sometimes we have to look at things in a different way.

Focus on the solution and not the problem.

What is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a well-researched and modern style of hypnotherapy that combines the power of hypnosis with positive psychology. This means that when you come to see me, we do not need to dwell on past events and experiences that you think have contributed to how you feel today.

Instead, we focus on where you are now and where you want to be in the future. This approach recognises that you are the expert in your life. Whether you consciously know it yet or not, you have all the skills and resources inside you to get the results you want for yourself. You can learn to feel empowered and strong in your own right.

Research shows us that when we dwell on our problems, going over and over them in our minds, analysing and scrutinising them, we just feel worse. If your problems feel like an impossible brick wall has been put up in front of you, then solution focused hypnotherapy can give you the window to see through that wall and beyond.

Why is it Different?

Quit simply, we are just not used to thinking about what things would be like if they were better. Instead, we worry about our problems and imagine things getting worse.

The problem with this kind of thinking is that our bodies are reacting to all of our thoughts. Therefore, if the thoughts we are having are negative or scary then our bodies assume we are in danger and release a lot of stress hormones. These are great if we are running or fighting for our lives, but not helpful at all when we are just running through the same old problems over and over again.

In order to escape this cycle we need to look at the world with new eyes, not change the world. When we do this we begin to notice new and better things.

Whatever we focus on in life gets bigger and becomes more prevalent. Let me help you to change the focus in your life today.

Using Your Imagination

Let's face it, sometimes we just feel stuck. If it was easy to change our thoughts, why aren't we already doing it?

Well, sometimes it just takes a little bit of imagination. Do you remember being a child? As children we have amazing imaginations... we can dream of castles, dragons, fairy princesses and all sorts of wonderful things. The world is magical and mysterious and we become absorbed in the fantasy of make-believe.

Somewhere along the way we are told to stop daydreaming, "get real", "grow-up" and we start focusing on the news, serious subjects and the problems and challenges that we face.

You can see that we have already changed in the past. We just need to change back again and start remembering what it is like to live happier, more carefree lives. And we can do this and still be responsible adults in the world too!

How can hypnotherapy help me?

We all see life differently, through our own personal filters.  The way we view the world will be a combination of our unique personalities, our life experiences and the influence of other people.  Sometimes we don’t like our own behaviour – we might feel as if we have failed or let ourselves down.  Perhaps we haven’t met our own expectations of who we could become in life.  Maybe we struggle with negative thinking and anxiety and long for a sense of happiness and peace.

There are many ways that hypnotherapy can guide us into more fulfilling, happier lives because we all have great abilities to change.  The fact is, we can change any of our behaviours, impulses, thoughts and feelings.  Nobody needs to be stuck with a label they don’t want.

The Inner Voice

Sometimes the inner voice that we listen to isn’t very helpful to us.  It might tell us something that we believe to be true, but which we don’t like.  For example:“I’ve always been shy”

“I can’t stop worrying about things”

“I’ll never be able to stop smoking”

“It’s just the way I am”

“I want to be happy, but I don’t know how”

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful way to release out-dated thinking patterns that serve no purpose.  And in place of negative thinking or bad habits hypnosis allows the mind to create healthier and happier ways of thinking.  

I can work face-to-face or worldwide through Zoom, Skype or other video means.

For more information about what hypnotherapy is, please read my blog post here.

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