Weight loss with hypnosis.  Lose weight with hypnotherapy, Hinckley, Leicestershire.

Weight Loss

Do you need to regain control of your appetite?

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Issues Worked With

There are many sides to losing weight and some people find some areas more challenging than others. You may find some things in the list below that you would like help with.

Self confidence
Goal setting
Relaxation and calm
Enjoying exercise
Loving fresh food
Creative visualisation
Build the future you

Your success is my success, and I really want you to succeed - so get in touch to arrange your first session and let's be the difference that makes the difference!

Weight Loss

Weight loss is a massive industry and it seems that every few months another diet or superfood is announced. We long to be the size we want to be - but it feels so hard.

Maybe we've tried every diet, joined the gym, bought exercise equipment and made our New Year resolutions, but after a small amount of success we end up just as heavy as we were before, or even heavier. The gym membership becomes a joke and the exercise equipment gets shoved in the cupboard or in the garage. We give up!

Why it Goes Wrong

The only thing wrong with our weight loss plans is our own mindsets. We know how to lose weight, right? Eat sensible, healthy, nutritious foods and build exercise and movement into our daily lives. If we burn more calories than we eat, then weight loss has to occur.

Actually, we might be experts in nutrition and diet because we've focused so much of our attention on it. So, why do we end up starving ourselves in a bid to lose weight and then binge eat late at night or when we feel stressed or depressed, undoing all the good work that we've done?

Simply, we become our own worst enemies. We gorge on food even when we aren't hungry and then spend the rest of our time in self-loathing because we aren't losing weight, hating ourselves for giving in to temptation.

And if you enjoy colouring, why not get a copy of The Fat Ladies Colouring Book?  packed with tips and “food for thought”, it can help bring your goal into sharper focus.  Available on Amazon.

How Hypnosis Can Help

When we lose weight through hypnosis, we are accessing our subconscious minds, where all our habits are formed. A process of change occurs. We start to take on board vital suggestions that increase motivation, feelings of success and a sense of perseverance that increases as time passes.

All of a sudden, we can notice change, the weight is falling off and we actually look forward to stepping on the scales for a weigh-in.

What's happened?

We've changed our mindset. With laser focus we now have a clear vision of our goals, where we want to be and how we're going to get there. Our preferred weight no longer hovers out of reach but becomes absolutely possible.

Of course, it isn't a magic bullet. When you decide to use hypnotherapy to help you to lose weight you still need to eat the right foods and exercise - but hypnosis can make it fun and interesting - and that is what makes all the difference.

Sometimes we can suffer from feelings of inadequacy, shame or guilt when we are eating secretly or just unable to resist the things we know we shouldn’t be eating.  I can also help with anxiety and depression.  Sometimes working with these feelings help us to kick-start the motivation necessary to lose weight.