Stop Smoking

It’s never too late to stop smoking.

Why do people start smoking?

Did you know that the majority of people want to stop smoking?

Most people no longer enjoy the habit and just keep smoking because they are too scared to change.

Often smokers become locked into the habit when they are still young, at a time in life when they are vulnerable and want to appear cool and grown up.

It might even be an act of rebellion. We feel that we know better than all those nagging grown-ups!

We come under the influence of the hive mind. If people around us smoke, we feel that it must be safe and okay for us to do it too.

Of course, as adults, we know that it's a crazy habit and we would never want to witness one of our own children dragging smoke into their clean, pink lungs.

The sad thing is, if you are a smoker, then your children are more than twice as likely to follow in your footsteps.

Smoke free Hinckley

Known Side Effects

Increased risk of lung cancer
Risk of stroke
High blood pressure
Heart disease ~ Heart attack
Severe depression
Clinical anxiety
Wrinkled and grey looking skin
Stained teeth ~bad breath
Mouth cancer
Hardening of the arteries
Softening of the gums
Increased risk of infections and inflammations of the mouth
Respiratory diseases
Smoker's cough
High cholesterol
Yellow stained fingers
Cervical cancer for women
Blood cancer

The list goes on.

One in every two smokers will suffer or die from a smoking related illness.

Stop Using Weed

Some people only smoke because they enjoy weed, and the tobacco just tags along with it. If you would like to talk to me about this I would be happy to chat confidentially with you in more detail.

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Stopping Smoking

When you make the decision to stop smoking, you literally get your life back.

Can you imagine how it might feel to just wake up in the morning and breathe deeply, with lungs that are really working for you?

Some of my past clients tell me that they found great pleasure in throwing away their inhalers and that asthma symptoms reduced dramatically.

You begin to experience more energy and get-up-and go.

Food and drink have more flavour and you will be able to savour delicious meals again.

Your immune system will start working better when you stop smoking, which means you will be less likely to pick up nasty bugs.

When you stop burning money you will have more cash for things you will actually enjoy much more.

Your body wants to survive. It has an amazing capacity for healing. Very soon after quitting, your body will be working hard to repair itself.
If you still have your health then you have the most important asset in the world.

I help people to stop smoking in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

Stopping smoking with hypnotherapy is probably one of the easiest ways to quit the habit and become smoke-free.  In most cases hypnotherapy can reduce any cravings an ex-smoker might feel, sometimes eliminating them altogether.  

It’s also fast and natural.  You don’t have to pump your body with other forms of nicotine or chemicals in order to stop smoking.  In other words, you take proper control and can start to feel really positive about your commitment to yourself right from the outset.

If you are a smoker it’s likely that you are starting to feel some effects of your habit.  For some people, this means getting breathless climbing stairs, for others it’s feeling awkward or embarrassed to smoke in front of other people.  It might be that you feel self-conscious if you are standing next to a non-smoker, knowing that they can smell the stale cigarette smoke exuding from the pores of your body.  The effects of smoking just get worse and worse – the more years you smoke, the more packets you smoke, the greater the risks.

It’s no longer cool to smoke – in fact nowadays smokers can feel more like lepers – one step away from having to tie a bell around their necks to warn people they are approaching.  

I’m  here to say, it doesn’t have to be that way.  When you stop smoking you reclaim your own power.  You can hold your head up high and feel really good about getting healthy and “clean” once again.  

During the Session

Stopping smoking with hypnotherapy is a relaxing, effortless therapy and most people only require one session.  Also, there’s no long, drawn-out period of waiting to stop, like you get with patches or medication  You walk out of my clinic as a non-smoker.  During your session we will discuss your smoking habit and unpick all the psychological triggers that keep you locked into smoking.  Most people who use cigarettes don’t like to think about these things too much, but when you analyse the way you smoke consciously it can help you to improve your success.

During the hypnosis part of the session you will be guided into a deep level of relaxed trance.  Whilst in this state of hypnosis your subconscious mind will be open to positive suggestions for a healthy, smoke free life.  Many people find they have very few cravings after the hypnotherapy session, or even none at all.

Stopping smoking with hypnotherapy can be more effective than other types of treatments as it works with the subconscious part of the mind, where all our habits are stored.

Things to Consider Before Making Your Appointment

Most people start smoking voluntarily, although sometimes there is pressure from friends and people around us to become a smoker – after all, there’s some feeling of safety in numbers.

When you quit smoking with hypnotherapy, it has to be a choice that you make for yourself.  No one can force you to do this and your chances of success will be greatly reduced if you are doing it  just because someone else wants you to.

Whilst the techniques I use may, and often do, give great results, no guarantees can be given and results do vary from person to person. I’m very proud of all my past clients who have managed to stop this deadly habit.

When you do make the choice to stop, you may have to consider other lifestyle changes at the same time.  For example, if you always smoke whilst having a beer or a glass of wine, you may want to rethink your drinking habits for a little while so as to remove some of those psychological triggers.  This is because alcohol is a relaxant and can impair judgement.  You would not want a drinking session to destroy the good work that you’ve done.

If you are under a great deal of stress or anxiety, often dealing with these issues first will give you a greater chance of success too.  When you feel good about yourself and your life you are more inclined to chose the healthy options for your future.  I offer  sessions to help people deal with stress and anxiety too.

It’s never too late to stop smoking, even if you’ve smoked for many years.  One day, though, time will run out.  It’s always better to stop when you are still in reasonably good health.

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