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Is worrying overtaking your life?  

Are you finding it difficult to concentrate?

Are you experiencing unsettled sleeping patterns?

Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety is caused by excessive worrying. It can sometimes make us feel really ill. Are you having trouble sleeping or concentrating? Do even small things seem to be a problem for you? Many clients tell me how feelings of fear seem to take over their life, ruining everything. Panic can even cause you to feel that you have a serious heart problem or that something is very wrong with you.

Some symptoms are listed below:

Churning stomach
Increased heart rate
Feeling sick
Head fuzzy
Shortness of breath
Disrupted sleep
Feelings of dread

Getting Help

Can you imagine how different your life could be?

Many clients tell me that mornings are the worst time - that awful cycle of "here we go again" and wondering how to get out of the anxiety trap.

There is a way out of excessive worrying. You can start to feel pleasure again and get a sense of freedom and independence back.

You will be pleased to know that help is only a phone call away.

Book for a free initial consultation and take the first step towards peace of mind.

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How you want to Feel Instead

You don't have to live with fear and dread. Everyone deserves to feel a sense of safety and security.

I can help you to:

Feel good about yourself
Wake up and look forward to the day ahead
Feel energised and refreshed
Know that you are able to cope
Look forward with optimism
Feel a sense of calm and peace
Value who you are as a person
Feel as good as anybody else
Enjoy a great sense of confidence
Be able to relax, easily and effortlessly
Have a sense of freedom
Have the inner strength to know you can do it

Change your Story

When you suffer from stress or anxiety it can seem as if everything in your life is wrong.  Some clients tell me that their heart races so much during an anxiety attack they really think they are having a heart attack.

Fearful and negative feelings can quickly become overwhelming.  People even get very scared about getting scared.  The awful feeling you get when you start to notice your anxiety rising – especially if you are in a public place like a supermarket or driving.

Nothing is more valuable than peace of mind.  When you feel calm and relaxed, then it really doesn’t matter what else is going on in the world because you can cope easily with your environment.

Solution focused hypnotherapy is a fantastic way to help focus the brain on positive outcomes, using the power of the conscious and subconscious minds together so that you can start to feel more in control and happier with your life.

The difference just a few sessions make can be amazing. 

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