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Single Sessions

Single session therapy can be provided but in most instances clients benefit from regular sessions as there is a great benefit created through the consistency of therapy, which leads to long-lasting change.

Sometimes though, one or two sessions are all that is needed.

If you prefer to work on a pay-as-you-go basis then this will be the option for you.  This can give you the greatest level of control if you’re not quite sure what you need. 


The Phobia Package

I will work with you to assist in removing a fear or phobia using a variety of techniques.  The number of sessions may vary but the fee stays the same, giving you peace of mind and value for money.


The Relaxation Package

If life is getting you down and you are feeling stressed, irritable and overwhelmed then my relaxation package can really help you to unwind and let go of the struggle and drama.  When we are relaxed it helps to boost our immune system and makes us better able to cope with life situations that would otherwise be more difficult.


The Confidence Package

If you want to build up your self esteem and confidence then this is the package for you. Let go of the negative beliefs that hold you back and find the confidence in your life that will make all the difference.  The right level of confidence gives us the courage to apply for the jobs we want, create the relationships we desire and speak up for ourselves.


The Spiritual Package

Explore past lives, connect to your higher self and go beyond the boundaries of the physical with this series of specially tailored spiritual sessions.  Remove negative karmic ties and search for your true life’s purpose, plus lots more.  Our spiritual selves can sometimes be overlooked in modern life, but it is an extremely valuable part of us.


The Anxiety Package

Anxiety can be crippling and invade a person’s life like a noxious weed, strangling everything in its path.  The anxiety package will concentrate on helping you to get back in control and feel calm and relaxed, slowing down the racing mind.  


The Weight Loss Package

Weight loss hypnosis and coaching can motivate the subconscious mind in just the right way for you to get on track and keep going.  The work we do together will be spaced out over a period of time to give you the chance to put into practice the necessary mindset and skills.  We work together to give you the lifestyle change that you want.


The Stop Smoking Package

In many ways this package is priceless.  You can’t put a value on health.  Become a non-smoker and watch your life transform as your breathing, health, energy and wealth all improve.  More and more people are quitting every day.  Tobacco companies know this and are now jumping on the vaping bandwagon.  You can do better than that.  Just stop!


The Anti-Ageing Package

If ageing is something that is on your mind and you feel tired, over-the-hill and generally unhappy with life due to the difficulties of ageing, this package can help to get you feeling young inside again.  Our bodies may not be what they once were, but it doesn’t mean we have to give in to low moods, pain and lethargy.  


Something Different?

The scope of therapy is extremely varied so if you are looking for therapy for a condition or problem not listed, please get in touch and I will advise.  It may be that single session payments will be the best way forward or I can work out a package deal for you.


Can You Guarantee the Results?

The short answer to this questions is “no” – in fact no practitioner can do this because everybody is different.  As part of the therapy I may give advice and tasks as “homework”.  It is an important part of the therapy to take on board these suggestions and to listen to any mp3s that I give you as part of the therapy.  Clients who adopt these strategies have a greater chance of success because therapy involves both the therapist and the client communicating and working towards the goals in a two-way exchange.  

I do, however, guarantee that I will work with you to the very best of my abilities in order to give you the greatest opportunity for achieving the outcomes that you want.     


Concessions and Discounts

If you are in receipt of benefits, a student, or on a low income you may be entitled to concessions on fees payable.  

This is awarded on a case-by-case basis. I may ask to see proof of benefit or school / college enrolment during the initial consultation.


How Do I Pay?

When you choose the package that you want, get in touch with me and I will send you a PayPal invoice for the full amount.  Payment is required prior to sessions commencing.  Some sessions may qualify for my payment by instalment scheme.

Single sessions can be paid during the session or in advance.



Sessions cancelled at short notice will reduce the number of working hours available to that client as part of their package.  

If you are paying as a single-session option then a 48 hour cancellation notice is required, otherwise half the session fee will be charged.

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