I offer a free* initial consultation before we start therapy. This is a face-to-face meeting where we can discuss your requirements and make sure that we are both happy to proceed. You can ask me any questions you want at that time and the process will be explained.

*If booking for an appointment at my Kenilworth clinic it will be necessary to charge £15 for the initial consultation, which would be redeemed against your first treatment session.

At the initial consultation you will also receive my relaxation hypnotherapy CD or mp3 which will give you the chance to get used to my voice and the relaxation process prior to our first working session.

Most people notice the benefits of hypnotherapy very quickly but as with all types of therapy, a programme of several sessions is usually recommended.  This can also be discussed at the initial consultation.  Results vary from person to person and commitment and motivation is required from clients to obtain the best results .

Following the consultation single sessions last for around one hour.


Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is a one hour session.

You should wear comfortable clothing during the session and will be fully dressed at all times.

Reiki is not an alternative to medical help but acts in conjunction with any guidance you are receiving from your GP.

It is a deeply relaxing therapy, working on spiritual, emotional, mental and physical energies.



Sometimes an initial consultation may be necessary but this is dependent on the presenting condition and what preparations may be needed.  

Often treatment can start immediately.  

At the first session I will go through what BWRT is in more detail and answer any questions you may have.

Session lengths may vary. It's not unusual for the first session to last 90 minutes.

Most follow-on sessions last around one hour but this is dependent on the work we are doing and the individual.

BWRT can be a very fast therapy and some people only need one session.  

Some conditions will need a programme of sessions and this can be discussed during the course of the therapy.


Past Life Regression

These sessions can vary in length, and will sometimes incorporate more than one past life or a period in that transitional place of "life between lives".

Sessions will last at least an hour and may last up to around 90 minutes.

Results vary from person to person and whilst many people enjoy a past life experience, no guarantees can be made.


Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is a single session of 2 hours.  

No initial consultation is required as information gathering is part of the 2 hour session length.

However, it is of great importance that you book the appointment for yourself and that it's something that you want to do.

I am happy to discuss your motivation and any other questions you may have over the telephone prior to the consultation.

The consultation involves an in-depth review of all the psychological aspects that have kept you locked into smoking in the past, followed by the formal hypnosis session itself.

You may wish to prepare in advance of our session by getting rid of ash trays, cigarettes and other smoking paraphernalia.


Rapid Pain Management

This type of session is for chronic pain issues.

No initial consultation is required as information gathering is part of the session.

If you are suffering from pain that does not have a reason - perhaps an injury that has healed but still hurts, or a condition such as arthritis or joint pain, then this type of therapy can help.

Rapid Pain Elimination therapy using the S.T.E.P.S. method of pain relief can be fast and effective.

These sessions do not claim to cure or diagnose any pain that you may be experiencing. They work with the pain signals that are received so that your unconscious mind modulates them.

It is important that if you are experiencing pain you have consulted your doctor prior to your appointment to rule out any physical problem.

Sessions last around 30 minutes.

My guarantee:

If your pain has not been eliminated or significantly reduced during the session I will not charge you!


Concessions and Discounts

If you are in receipt of benefits, a student, or on a low income you may be entitled to concessions on fees payable.  These concessions are only available for the therapies of hypnotherapy, BWRT and quitting smoking (not PLR or Reiki healing etc).

This is awarded on a case-by-case basis and any request should be put in writing to me at

I may ask to see proof of benefit or school / college enrolment at this time.


48 hours notice is required for cancellation of appointments.   If you do miss an appointment or cancel at short notice, this may incur a charge, which will be half of the actual treatment cost.  

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