What’s it All About?

Peace and love, heart and doves

I’ve recently been reading a book, The Divine Matrix, that looks at life from a scientific and spiritual perspective, combining modern research with age-old wisdom and knowledge.  It explores the findings of quantum physics and the latest theories on what life is.   On the quantum level particles behave in really weird and interesting ways – they can be in two places at once and observations from the present can affect the past – needless to say it can become very mind boggling.

You may wonder what that has to do with our mental health and happiness?  Well, from the perspective of a human being on this planet trying to live an average kind of life, getting needs met and going through the functions of just living, it makes me wonder why so many of us feel hurt or anguish.  How many of us are in pain or experiencing anxiety or depression?  Where does all that negative feeling come from?  If we behaved like our particles (because we are just a huge mass of particles that work together to become who we are) then we could have the ability to do some pretty extraordinary things.

So, let me throw it out there… what if we just decided not to take ourselves so seriously?  What if the worst thing  that could possibly happen is already happening to us – and that’s our state of anxiety or misery?  What if we just stopped worrying endlessly and needlessly and just thought, “you know what, it really doesn’t matter.  I just want to smile again, to laugh again and feel good again.”

Maybe we could realise that we don’t have to wait for a miracle.  Things don’t have to change in an enormous way on the outside for us to feel better on the inside, because the simple truth is that when we do feel better then everything else changes.

I believe we need to stop trying to be somewhere else and stop thinking that some point in the future will be better than now, because if I know anything about the future, when we get there, we still aren’t satisfied.  We seem to exist in a state of always wanting to arrive somewhere else.  Waiting for that job, or that boyfriend, that windfall, that new home, that baby, that retirement, those grandchildren…  we never get to that place where we think life is just absolutely perfect.

So, doesn’t it make sense to try to get things as good as we can right now?

Another interesting bit of research put forward by this book involved studies on how a group meditating on peace actually drastically reduced the crime rate in the area.  More information can be found here.  What we think and how we feel on the inside can change our environments.  Realising this, it makes it even more important for each of us to understand the impact of how we are feeling on the outside world.