What Can Hypnotherapy Help With?

As I go through life I find myself in many different places, interacting with a variety of people in all sorts of situations.

Sometimes I am waiting at the check-out and I listen (unobtrusively) to people talking about their problems to their friends or to the assistant.  Was that you?

At other times I am in the changing rooms at my local leisure centre, or sitting in a café with a cup of tea and, again, I overhear snippets of anguish, pain, difficulties and problems.  Were you there?

In fact, I could be anywhere, and wherever I am, I do not have a sign over my head that says “I can help you”.… but I often can.

I do not approach, interfere or presume that you’re looking for outside assistance and, in fact, you probably haven’t even considered hypnotherapy or BWRT as a potential solution to the problems that you’re facing.  But… it could be the very thing that transforms your life.

In the course of a normal day I will see clients with many troubles or concerns.  Here is my A to Z list of clients with issues I can help with. (Names are changed to protect identities).

Annabelle Wakes up full of anxious thoughts.  Her mind is racing and she can’t turn it off – it’s like a torture that won’t stop.
Brian Has smoked thirty cigarettes a day for the last twenty years.  He is now very concerned that something bad will await him if he keeps smoking.  He’s already noticed he has less energy and is out of breath going up the stairs.
Chaz Is tortured by thoughts of his girlfriend chatting to other guys, even though he knows she is faithful.  It’s destroying their relationship.
Debbie Is petrified of spiders.  This autumn they seemed to be everywhere and caused her real problems.
Ellen Needs to lose weight for her holiday to Turkey next year.
Faith Is worried about driving on motorways – she now avoids them at all costs and is starting to be worried about A-roads now too.
Graham Had a big argument with a colleague at work.  It’s all he thinks about and it’s affecting his job.
Harry Has been asked to be a best man at his friend’s wedding in a few months.  He is petrified about giving a speech in front of all those people.
Ingrid Has been biting her nails since she was a child.  She wants the problem to stop now.
Jenny Develops road rage when driving.  She just can’t seem to control her anger towards other drivers.
Kevin Finds it hard to make friends.  He feels shy and awkward and would like to improve his social life.
Linda Always enjoyed horse riding but after a fall now feels too scared to ride.
Melissa Had her house burgled and this has left her feeling scared and vulnerable.  She can’t stop thinking about it.
Nigel Is petrified of flying.  For years he has avoided family holidays but now feels that he needs to sort this out.
Owen Has a stutter that makes him feel very uncomfortable.
Phillipa Has developed a fear of being too far away from a toilet, even though she rarely needs one.  It means she has to plan trips that always have toilet facilities in the vicinity.
Quartz Broke her arm two years ago but she still feels discomfort in the area.
Rebecca Suffered abuse as a child and now never feels safe or confident.
Stella Has been taking cocaine and marijuana and it’s taken over her life.  She is determined to quit this time.
Tom Is sitting his exams soon. He has failed in the past because his nerves sky-rocket, even though he is a good student.
Ursula Feels bad about herself. She compares her body and looks to magazine models and as a result has developed very low self esteem.
Veronica Is having relationship problems.  She found out her husband had cheated on her and it’s all she can think about.
Wendy Is curious about whether she has lived before.  She would like to explore her past lives to find out more about herself.
Xavier Is looking for a really different experience.  A bumper session lasting 3 or 4 hours which deals with everything, including past negative associations, karmic ties and other weird and wonderful concepts, are explored and dealt with.
Yachov Can’t stop binge eating. He has been very low recently too and food is the only thing that makes him feel better, even though he hates himself afterwards.
Zelda Has a phobia of dogs.  It’s time to feel more comfortable and less scared of these.
As you can see, I can help in many different ways – even more than what’s listed here.  Even if there is no particular situation, if you are just feeling stressed, run-down, over burdened or burnt-out, I can probably find a way to help you.