About Me

Vicky Tunaley

Vicky Tunaley HPD DSFH
Solution Focused Hypnotherapist

and BWRT Practitioner

 My logo is a butterfly dancing with a dandelion.​​
yellow butterfly with black dandelion logo, representing my hypnotherapy practice in Hinckley
The butterfly is a powerful symbol of change.  Like caterpillars, we may not be aware yet of our full potential but we need to embrace positive change if we ever want to fly.  To escape the cocoon, the butterfly must first dissolve that which he was to become that which he is going to be.  We can do the same.
The dandelion is an optimistic symbol of endurance and survival.  Easily taken for granted, it spreads its seeds, knowing that it too will fly on the winds of change, airborne and adrift, but knowing that some of its seeds will flourish on fertile ground.  Our thoughts are the same - only those planted in the strong soil of our minds can flourish and become the fruits of our future.