Solution Focused Hypnotherapy
Helping you to find the solutions, not the problems
Solution focused hypnotherapy is a uniquely wonderful form of hypnotherapy that helps your brain get into a positive way of thinking by using a mixture of positive psychology and hypnosis.  

It's a relief to know that you don't need to dwell on your problems, as that is not where  the solutions are.  

So you want to:

​​- Feel good about yourself

- Wake up and look forward to the day ahead

- Feel energised and refreshed

- Know that you are able to cope

- Look forward with optimism

- Feel a sense of calm and peace

- Value who you are as a person

- Feel as good as anybody else

- Enjoy a great sense of confidence

- Be able to relax, easily and effortlessly

- Have a sense of freedom

- Have the inner strength to know you can do it!

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We can be strong and we can be different.  
I celebrate the uniqueness of who you are and I will help to make you strong and whole again."


Hypnotherapy is
a safe and assisted method
of change.




Pre-paid block of 8 sessions


Pre-paid block of 4 sessions


This option works well if you want to experience hypnotherapy and see how you get on without the commitment of a pre-paid plan.
 My mid-range package offering a £40.00 saving over the four sessions - great value for money. 
A fabulous £110 saving through the eight sessions.  This is my most popular package and useful to treat many conditions thoroughly.

Smoking Cessation


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Smoking cessation is an intensive two hour session, designed to unpick all the psychological reasons that lock you into that smoking habit.