Price List


Free initial consultation followed by one hour sessions at £60.00 per session.  Sessions usually last around 1 hour.

You will also receive my CD or mp3 guided hypnosis meditation free of charge at the initial consultation to help you begin the relaxation process immediately.

Stopping Smoking Hypnosis     

£150.00 stand-alone session.  This is one two-hour session and does not require an initial consultation. All relevant information will be discussed on the day in this transformative therapy.

BWRT (Brain Working Recursive Therapy)

£60.00 - Session lengths vary and can be up to two hours long, depending upon the type of work we will be doing. 

Fatnosis Authoritarian & Motivational Weight Loss Coaching 

£397.00 to be paid in advance.  This is an all-inclusive fee which covers 6 face-to-face sessions, together with on-going support, check-ins, motivation and encouragement, including out-of-hours and SOS style mentoring where required.

Reiki Healing

£30.00 (1 hour session)  Half session - £20.00